We are a Reconciling In Christ congregation affirming the full participation of our LBGTQIA+ members and neighbors in the life of the church, locally and world-wide.


Ash Wednesday

A Word from Pastor Heidi
Dear Family of God, 

Return to the Lord your God, for the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love... Joel 2:13

Ash Wednesday is February 18. Here is a day without pretence—no game-playing, no posturing, no public face to hide the private truth, no excuses, no superhuman efforts doomed to fall short. We can truly come as we are. The dust we sweep under the carpet that keeps coming back—we don’t’ have to sweep it under this time. Ash Wednesday offers an odd opportunity for success. Just one thing is required: Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.  But that is not the end of it. God steps in with another reminder: I have loved you with an everlasting love. You have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the cross of Christ forever. Our dust is precious. The God who lifted creation from the dust and breathed life into us, continues to lift us up and enliven us, day by day…until we wake in glory.

The church will be open all day, beginning at 8am, for prayer and meditation with ashes available. Services of worship with imposition of ashes will be offered at noon, 6pm in Spanish and 7pm in English.

Pastor Heidi

This Month's Articles:

Fat Tuesday Pancakes!

February 17th, 6PM-8PM
Fat Tuesday!
Pancakes and sausages!

Games for all!

Eat all the pancakes you want, including chocolate chip or blueberry.  Last day to party before Ash Wednesday!  Youth Group helping.

There will be mardi gras beads and surprises! Mardi Gras literally means "Fat Tuesday" in French. The name comes from the tradition of slaughtering and feasting upon a fattened calf on the last day of Carnival. The custom of making pancakes comes from the need to use up fat, eggs and dairy before the traditional fasting of Lent. For us it means, “come enjoy and you don’t have to cook night!”

Annual Meeting - February 22

Dear Members of Trinity,

It’s that time again. On Sunday, February 22, 2015, Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan will hold its annual Congregational Meeting. It will take place in the undercroft directly following our 11:00 a.m. bilingual worship service.

Among other things, the meeting will include voting for new council members as well as tendering of our proposed 2015 budget and updating our constitution. You will have every opportunity to ask any questions you may have on the issues before us. We also hope to include a lively discussion on the “Dream Paper” the congregation created. 

Your presence and input is always welcome. But, above all, it is essential to the collective spirit that has become the bedrock of Trinity. I look forward to seeing you there.

Best,  John Lewis, Council President

African American History
Food for Body and Mind

On Sunday, February 15th, Professor Mark Harding is coming to Trinity to speak on “African Americans and the Meaning of Freedom.” Professor Harding is a scholar with a specialty in the history of slavery in the Americas. We have been blessed by his speaking at Trinity on a number of occasions.

He will relate struggles of the past for freedom, equality, social justice and dignity to struggles of the present. This lecture will take place after our 11am worship. The Grandma Group will be cooking up a delicious spread of soul food. Enjoy a nice dinner while you listen to the lecture with Rosetta's famous chicken and other Grandma favorite sides and desserts.

The children’s choir will also sing! They practice every Saturday from 11 am to 12 noon.  All children welcome! 

African American Film Festival

For four evenings in February, Trinity will host a

film festival that is free and open to the community.African American Film Festival

Please spread the word!

7pm February 25 (Wednesday)  FOUR LITTLE GIRLS

Directed by Spike Lee and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, this film is about the September 1963 murder of four African-American girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama.

7pm February 26 (Thursday) BROTHER OUTSIDER: The Life of Bayard Rustin

Rustin was a visionary strategist and activist who has been called “the unknown hero” of the civil rights movement. A disciple of Gandhi, a mentor to Martin Luther King Jr., and the architect of the 1963 March on Washington, Rustin dared to live as an openly gay man during the fiercely homophobic 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.

7pm February 27 (Friday)   A TIME FOR BURNING

A 1966 documentary which explores the attempts of the minister of Augustana Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska, to persuade his all-white congregation to connect with an African American Lutheran congregation on the city's north side. The film was nominated as Best Documentary Feature in the 1967 Academy Awards.

7pm February 28 (Saturday) FREEDOM RIDERS

Renowned director Stanley Nelson chronicles the inspirational story of American civil rights activists' peaceful fight against racial segregation on buses and trains in the 1960s.The story behind a courageous band of civil rights activists called Freedom Riders who in 1961 challenged segregation in the American South.

Lenten Dinner Church

Lenten DinnerDinner Church is returning to Trinity for Lent! We tried this during Advent and all who participated enthusiastically urged us to do it again. Dinner Church is a bit what it sounds like…we meet to worship around a table and a meal, as did our ancestors in the faith. We’ll eat, talk, reflect on scripture, sing and pray. We’ll share holy communion and sacred community. If you are seeking an additional opportunity for spiritual growth during Lent,  an alternative worship experience or just some breathing space in the midst of busy days, Dinner Church may be for you. We'll meet in the following Thursdays at 7pm and conclude by 8:30pm so we can wash dishes before the shelter opens: February 19th, March 5, 12, 19, and 26. 

Farewell and Godspeed

The time has come to say good-bye and Godspeed to our dear sister in Christ, Anne Stephens. Anne has been a faithful, committed member of Trinity since the 1970’s! She’s served on the church council and on the outreach committee. She’s been a faithful choir member and worship leader, reading prayers and lessons. Along with her late husband Peter, Anne volunteered weekly at our after school Creative Learning Center. She served as an annual volunteer for our community Thanksgiving dinner. Anne also served the wider church, including as our synod’s chair of the Lutheran Campus Ministry Committee. She traveled to Palestine as part of the Ecumenical Accompaniment Program. Only God knows everything that Anne has contributed to our life in Christ and we are ever grateful for her gifts of time, talent and generous financial stewardship.

Anne is moving to Virginia to be closer to family and we will dearly miss her as part of our church family. We are thankful for our time together and we will keep her in our prayers. Anne’s last Sunday before her move will be on February 8th. We will have a special reception following 11am worship.


  • Mar 2, 2019
    HOLY THURSDAY March 18 7pm A remembrance of Jesus’ Last Supper with a meal, Holy Communion And stripping the altar GOOD FRIDAY March 19 7pm The Story of Jesus’ death- and the crucifixions of our time. 12pm Good Friday Children’s...
  • Jan 14, 2019
    The words we heard read from the prophet Isaiah have a personal meaning for me. When I first learned of my Jewish family history and traveled to the concentration camp where my grandparents were taken, I walked several miles outside of the camp to a...
  • Dec 7, 2018
    Our Cabaret will be on Friday evening, June 21. We need talent (singer, musicians, dancers, comics, magicians etc) to perform and auction items. Save the date and contact the church if you want to help out.
  • Dec 7, 2018
    This summer Trinity's day camp will take place from July 1-August 2. Children entering first grade - 6th grade are welcome. Registration is open and More details will follow soon.
  • Dec 7, 2018
    This Advent, we will reconsider the revolutions of Advent in our society, church and in our own lives every Sunday at 11am. Advent 1: The Dangers of Revolutionary Hope Advent 2:  Fearless in the Face of Fear Advent 3:  A Celebration of...
  • Apr 13, 2018
    This Sunday. October 14,  we will celebrate the feast of St. Luke with a special service of healing. Since more than ever we are in need of hope and healing we will have a service of healing open to all at 11am.There will be various...
  • Apr 13, 2018
    Thanksgiving is around the corner and as we plan to share more than 1000 meals, plenty of help is needed. Volunteer forms will be available soon, but right now we need a few people willing to help with the planning.  if you are willing to help...
  • Mar 20, 2018
    Trinity is part of the Metropolitan NY Synod of the ELCA. The Metropolitan NY Synod has committed itself officially to be a Welcoming Sanctuary Synod that: +provides a safe space for those fleeing persecution; +responds to raids, detentions,...
  • Mar 20, 2018
    Trinity Cabaret and Silent Auction on Friday, June 1   6:30PM drinks and 7PM dinner followed by a wondrous array of talent! It will be a night of delicious food, laughter, music, and fun! This is a fundraiser...
  • Feb 8, 2018
    Join Vicar Sarah throughout the season of Lent as we dive into Scripture and talk about what it means to be transformed by God. Together, we’ll read stories of God transforming hearts, minds, bodies, and institutions as well as sharing our own...
  • Feb 8, 2018
    Mastering the master’s tools: Chinua Achebe and C.L.R. James and the language of empire. Can you use ‘his’ tools to bring his house down? Sunday, February 18 at 12:15 (following 11am worship) ALL ARE WELCOME! Mark Harding is a scholar and...
  • Feb 8, 2018
    On Tuesday, February 13th, our youth council will be cooking up piles of pancakes along with sausages for our pre-Lent celebration. We'll start serving food at 6pm and be done serving by 7pm. There will also be some mardi gras mask-making activities...
  • Feb 8, 2018
    Ash Wednesday falls on February 14th. The church will be open all day for prayer, meditation and receiving ashes. There is a service a 12noon and at 6:30pm with imposition of ashes. The 6:30pm service wil be followed by a showing of "Chocolat," a...
  • Oct 18, 2016
    You are invited to Dinner Church at Trinity every Thursday Evening at 7pm! Join We'll eat, talk, sing, pray, and reflect on what the Bible tells us about the meaning of our lives. ALL ARE WELCOME!
  • Sep 17, 2016
    Sunday School has begun for all children every Sunday at 10am! We will learn Bible stories and do fun art projects that are related to the stories.  We welcome all children, including those with special needs. Volunteers are always needed too!...
  • Sep 17, 2016
    Presently, our shelter for homeless LGBTQ young people is in need of volunteers willing to prepare a meal for 10. If you or your group are interested, please contact our volunteer co-ordinator, at volunteer@trinityplaceshelter.org. More...
  • Dec 21, 2015
    7pm Holy Thursday (March 24)  Jesus set a table, serving and feeding others, in the face of his own betrayal and hurt. Jesus nourishes us as we work to set ever-widening tables of hospitality and grace. We’ll remember the last supper with...
  • Sep 19, 2015
    During the seaon of Lent, we will gather for Dinner Church every Thursday at 7pm beginning on February 18 - March 17. We gather at candle-lit tables to sing, pray, reflect, eat dinner and share Holy Communion. There's a place at the table for you.
  • Aug 27, 2015
    At 10am every Sunday, we have Sunday School for preschool-K children AND we have a Sunday Arts group for older children. Together we explore Bible stories through drama, art, music, and more. It is a place where God's Word and children's creativity...
  • Jun 24, 2015
    On the Wednesdays of February, women are invited for soup and study at noon. We will focus on stories of Biblical women experiencing burdens of trauma, abuse and healing. All women are welcome- cisgender or transgender.  
  • Jun 24, 2015
    Our upcoming summer DInner Church gatherings will take place on the following Thursdays at 7pm: September 17, October 15 and November 12.  We'll eat, talk, reflect in scripture, sing and pray. We'll share holy comunion and sacred community....
  • Jun 24, 2015
    Our 2105 Summer Day Camp is about to get underway. We still have a few spots The camp will run from July 6-July 31, a full 4 weeks, Mon-Friday, 9am-3:30pm. They'll be singing, Bible stories, games, arts and crafts, special guests (including an...
  • Jun 24, 2015
    On Sunday, July 19th, we will worship together (all three services) at 11am and then head to Central Park at W. 100th St. for a picnic. Bring food to share if you can. They'll be plenty to go round and fun games for children of all ages!  All...
  • Mar 25, 2015
    Sunday, March 29th is Palm Sunday. We have pony rides for all children at 10am followed by the 11am blessing of palms and outdoor procession with the pony and a mariachi band. The pony will then go home and the mariachi band will join us for rousing...
  • Mar 25, 2015
    HOLY THURSDAY 7PM We eat, pray, sing and share Holy Communion in remembrance of Jesus' last supper with his disciples.  GOOD FRIDAY 12noon Children's Service   6pm Estaciones de la Cruz 7pm Service of Lights and Shadows This evening’s...
  • Jan 31, 2015
    A Word from Pastor HeidiDear Family of God,  Return to the Lord your God, for the Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love... Joel 2:13 Ash Wednesday is February 18. Here is a day without pretence—no...
  • Jan 24, 2015
    Beginning at 8am on Wednesday, February 18, the church will be open all day for prayer and imposition of ashes. Worship services with imposition of ashes will be held at 12 noon, 6pm in Spanish and 7pm in English.

 Merciful God, You called us...
  • Jan 24, 2015
    7pm February 25 (Wednesday)  FOUR LITTLE GIRLSDirected by Spike Lee and nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary, this film is about the September 1963 murder of four African-American girls in the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in...
  • Dec 16, 2014
    Dinner Church is coming back to Trinity for Lent! We’ll go back to the early days of the church to meet around a table and a meal. We’ll eat, talk, reflect on scripture, sing and pray. We’ll share holy communion and sacred community. If you...
  • Nov 29, 2014
    A Word from Pastor Heidi Dear friends in Christ,

 “O that you would tear open the heavens and come down!” “It is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that...
  • Nov 1, 2014
    On Sunday, December 28th, we remember the Slaughter of the Holy Innocents. On this day the church remembers the many children murdered by King Herod in his efforts to eliminate the threat he saw in Jesus. We will also remember the many children...
  • Nov 1, 2014
    DINNER CHURCH At Trinity We’ll go back to the early days of the church to meet around a table and a meal. We’ll eat, talk, reflect on scripture, sing and pray. We’ll share holy communion and sacred community. If you are seeking an...
  • Sep 10, 2014
    OUT OF THE DARKNESS EVENT: On Wednesday, December 1, at 6pm, a candlelight vigil will begin at Trinity and proceed to Broadway United Church of Christ (same building as Advent Lutheran) at 93rd Street. There will be a time for reflection...
  • Sep 9, 2014
    Our new children’s choir is off to a great start under the fine leadership of Vicar Barbara. They sang for the first time on November 2 in Wee Worship. All children are welcome to join the choir. They practice on Saturdays at...
  • Aug 7, 2014
    Sorry, as we've said, we don't have any, BUT we do have a link for you to see the amazing off-Broadway (well OK off-off Broadway) musical put on by our day camp children, Oh Jonah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZzsNaqNq8M
  • Aug 7, 2014
        This is an invitation to change everything.In September, world leaders are coming to New York City for a UN summit on the climate crisis. UN Secretary­ General Ban Ki-­moon is urging governments to support an ambitious global...
  • Feb 26, 2014
    Dear friends, My name is Barbara Otto and I will be your new intern as of September 2.  Presently I live in Jefferson, Mass.  I have lived in many places including metro NJ for about 18 years.  I am single and have raised 2 foster...
  • Dec 10, 2013
     To learn more about Trinity Place Shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth, go to the website: www.trinityplaceshelter.org. 
  • Nov 26, 2013
    We will share the calming and lovely Holden Evening Prayer service at 7:00 p.m. on the Wednesdays during Advent (Dec, 4, 11 and 18). This will be a brief and beautiful service of music, prayer, and reflection. In a time of year that is often filled...
  • Nov 26, 2013
      The International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers was first organized nearly a decade ago in San Francisco to memorialize the people murdered by serial killer Gary Ridgway. Ridgway captured the attitude that cultivates violence...
  • Oct 2, 2013
    We have a number of meaningful giving opportunities. 1.    Christmas is always a tough time for the young people in our shelter. You can brighten their holiday with stocking stuffers (10 stockings are hanging in the back of the...
  • Sep 13, 2013
    It's like an open house for our church, where we get to show the neighborhood what Trinity is all about!  We will kick off Rally Day on September 22 with a bilingual service then we'll hang up our banner outside and have snacks and drinks set...
  • Sep 13, 2013
    Trinity Ministry Fair this Sunday after 11am worship on September 15th. Come check out what’s happening, consider trying out something new or just have fun with our 2nd annual ministry fair scavenger hunt! There will be cool prizes...
  • Jun 21, 2013
    Trinity Place Shelter has its 7th year anniversary this June! How can you support this great ministry and celebrate PRIDE month? DONATE KITCHEN SUPPLIES TO TRINITY PLACE SHELTER!!!  We need **New or Gently Used** dish rack, tupperware set...
  • Jun 9, 2013
    Having trouble getting/affording the Broadway tickets you want? Don’t worry!  Come for a great night out as our day camp children perform Moses and the Freedom Fanatics. It promises to be fun and befitting Freedom Fanatics...
  • May 27, 2013
    Have you been wondering what the new health care law means for you or your loved ones?  On Sunday June 23, after church, Claudia Calhoon will offer  a workshop: Healthcare Reform 101.  She will provide an overview of the...
  • May 26, 2013
    Sunday, August 4th will be Vicar Gretchen’s final Sunday with us. We will have Wee Worship at the regular time and then one bilingual service at 11am followed by a potluck. For those who are visiting this site for the first time,...
  • Apr 19, 2013
    We are excited to announce that during this year's Summer Day Camp we will be doing a musical called Moses and the Freedom Fanatics! Summer Day Camp isfor children entering grades 1-6, Monday through Friday from July 8th until August 2nd....
  • Feb 16, 2013
    ALL ARE WELCOME TOEASTER WORSHIP!  7pm SATURDAY VIGIL We will light the new fire of new creation and share stories of salvation through drama and song. Then we will celebrate the gift of baptism!  EASTER SUNDAY 9:15am Wee Worship followed...
  • Dec 13, 2012
    “Jesus welcomed the crowd and spoke to them about the kingdom of God, and healed those who needed healing.” Luke 9:11 In this new year, while we are still in winter, in this time of cold and long sicknesses, of growing light but still long...
  • Nov 7, 2012
    PRAY…DONATE…VOLUNTEER  PRAY: Gracious God, you are our refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble.In the wake of Hurricane Sandy reveal your presence to those in the Caribbean and the eastern region of our country so that...
  • Oct 31, 2012
    With a focus on the spiritual dimension of getting older, Trinity's newest reading and discussion group will hold its first meeting on Thursday, November 1st, at 6:00. Whether you're on the brink of old age, you just received your first mailing from...
  • Sep 24, 2012
    Sunday School is underway times two! We have classes at 11am in groups for younger and older children. Each week at 10 am,  the children learn a Bible story related to what is read in church that Sunday. The stories are made more memorable as...
  • Sep 24, 2012
    On Sunday, October 7th, at 11am we will begin worship on our church stepswith a blessing of animals as part of our St. Francis celebration. Animals of all faiths (or none) are welcome, accompanied by their human friends. In addition to the blessing,...
  • May 1, 2012
    I was in prison and you visited me, said Jesus, compelling all of his followers to seek compassion and just treatment for all prisoners. The ELCA has produced a new social statement on Criminal Justice. Next Sunday October 21st is the last chance...
  • Apr 1, 2010
    Trinity Place is a non-sectarian, 10-bed, transitional shelter for homeless LGBTQ youth (ages 17-24). For more information about our shelter, including volunteer opportunities, go to our website: http://www.trinityplaceshelter.org/
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